A Politician

A politician may be defined as somebody engaged in politics, and politics is concerned with public affairs, public life, public issues, or public activities.

As a society, a community or a nation, the need to organize ourselves to provide services to our people is always there. We do such organizations by either selecting or electing people whom we think have the vision, wisdom, honesty, decency and the altruism to take charge of such noble responsibilities. The uphill battles begin as soon as the doors-of-nominations are opened to fill those positions. Battles in whatever form you can think of – war-of-words, fist fighting, weaponry fighting, ‘spiritual’ fighting, etc, gradually tear the fabrics of our societies. These fights are sometimes so intense that they overshadow the real issues at hand. Agendas on the political manifestos are never short of beautiful, lofty, and inspiring “I-will-do-for-you” projects and programs .

Campaign platforms are many times painted with divisions, violence, segregations, blood, etc. A process that is always corrupted from the beginning with campaign donations from individuals, interest groups or lobbyists, organizations, etc, mostly for their personal aggrandizements. People whose votes matter the most, and who are supposed to be focus of whatever projects or programs that are designed, and supposed to be implemented or executed are immediately forgotten once the platform for campaigns are dismantled and shelved for another round of false promises and lies. The agendas of the society are torpedoed and trampled upon by the agendas of the lobbyists, greedy fat-cats, interest groups, the politicians and their henchmen. Power that supposedly belongs to the people is hi-jacked by a very few, and whatever socio-economic needs and services that are needed in their various communities are largely forgotten. Rat race to truck-away the limited resources of the nation or community, to satisfy egoistic

Homeless Politicians

Have you ever talked to the homeless? A strange idea to most of us that are too busy with our lives. Many of the homeless had normal lives once. Some where store managers in places like south Chicago, Boisey Idahoe and even Lincoln Nebraska. Others had once thriving business’s that are now just a memory. Most had wives and children. Many children are now homeless along with their parents.

On a hot day they will sit and talk about their former lives. Now that they are homeless practically no one will hire them. So sitting and talking about better times is the bulk of their entertainment. Like most americans many are intellegent and have opinions about the news of the day. The talk ranges from obscure topics like comic books of the eighties to solar flares. It is not the deranged talk of uninformed as many in the press would have you believe. These people once ran companies where managers, sales people in short ordinary Americans. The only diffirence between them and you is the sadness. After they talk about their former lives they often walk away dispondent. A dazed look on their faces as they ask themselves again how did this happen to me? They still can’t believe with all of their skills they are now in a homeless shelter. All over America this is happening. Brave people are dealing with being homeless.

I wish our politicians had the guts that these people have. The soft bellied Politicians that sent American jobs overseas are responsible for this. The politicians that to this day let big oil bleed us dry with high gas prices are responsible for this. The politicians that gave billions of dollars to wealthy companies for no reason are responsible for this.

I have a solution. Elections

Lobbying in American Politics

Lobbying, the act of communicating with elected officials in an attempt to influence the outcome of legislation. Often hired by businesses, corporations, and non-profit groups, lobbyist’s have been a staple in American politics since the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. Marred by highly publicized scandals and controversies throughout history, lobbyist’s are often held in contempt by the American people and considered to be a corrupting influence in our nations capital. I am arguing that the use of lobbying is not a cause of corruption in American politics. And that the hiring of lobbyist’s by major corporations has been misrepresented and demonized by the mainstream media, drawing attention away from the real problems in Washington. Also resulting in widespread misunderstanding regarding the function of lobbyist’s as public policy experts and advocates. Political lobbying simply would not exist today if it was detrimental to legislative processes.

Conceding the fact that lobbying does not have an immaculate ethics record in Washington, only a small percentage of the 40, 000 lobbyist’s may participate in illegal practices (Birnbaum, 2005). The most notable instance of a lobbyist taking part in corrupt activities is the case of Jack Abramhoff. Abramhoff, dubbed a “Super Lobbyist” by the media, was convicted of conspiring to bribe public officials, tax evasion, and fraud. More like a successful conman than super lobbyist, Abramhoff’s case has become the gold standard for associating lobbyist’s with corruption. But I would like to look at this from another perspective. Abramhoff went to jail for conspiring to bribe public officials, earning six years for his actions. I agree that what he did was criminal, but when it comes to bribery it takes two to tango. Upon further investigation of Abramhoff’s actions, one member of the House of Representatives and two high ranking White House officials were found …