How this Simple Gadget will Save Your Wrists

It happens all too often; an athlete gets injured and it throws their entire game off. Sports injuries that cause pain later on in the joints and bones are the worst, because the chronic pain can make it hard to play the sports you love.

(And let’s face it — our livers don’t need any higher doses of pain medication.)

Here’s one such story about a woman who sustained an injury to her wrist that could have potentially put an early end to her love of playing tennis on weekends with her friends.

“It was an icy day in January — I didn’t see the patch of ice next to my driveway and I fell forward with a bag of groceries in my hand.”, explained Alana, a 37-year old mom and avid tennis player. 

“I fell on my hands when I put them out to keep my face from hitting the ground. I was in a splint for six weeks. Luckily, my x-rays after the fact meant that I didn’t need surgery.”

Unfortunately, Alana was still bothered by a persistent pain in her wrist. 

“I went to a physical therapist, and he told me about this wrist brace called the WristWidget. I had already tried a wrist brace, but my range of motion felt way too restricted. It was too uncomfortable, just when I needed it the most — when I was trying to work with my hands. Forget about playing tennis while wearing it. 

With a wrist injury playing tennis was now too painful to enjoy. Her physical therapist determined that she suffered from a tear in the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC), which is located on the ulnar side (pinky side) of the wrist.

Alana decided to give the WristWidget a try. 

“The reviews looked good, and I was desperate to try anything that might work. I had to skip a couple tennis matches with my friends, and it felt so unfair, so I had to at least try out. At first, I was a little skeptical, but I was only judging it based on how it looks on your wrist in pictures on the website. It looked almost too small and thin to do anything.

I put it on, and relaxed for a bit before went to do some housework. I was picking up heavier things that would have hurt me if I hadn’t been wearing the brace. I said, ‘So far, so good!’, but I knew the true test would be the tennis match scheduled for that weekend. If it kept my wrist from hurting and still let me get my game back, then it was a winner.”

(Spoiled alert: it was a winner.)

“This wrist brace is amazing. I’m not surprised it was designed and patented by a physical therapist! I got my strength and movement back in my wrist.

A Small Miracle for Those Who Suffer from Wrist Pain

The WristWidget Wrist Brace has been scientifically tested and proven to relieve wrist pain associated with… 

TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries)

ulnar sided wrist pain

ECU subluxation

Other pain stemming from gripping, weight bearing, wrist rotation, and extension. 

No matter what sport you play, how much weight you can lift or if you just have a job that is a strain on your wrists — The WristWidget has been found again and again to increase wrist strength and ensure those with wrist injuries full use of both wrists.

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