Reality Television Addiction

Taking a peek into someone’s life via reality television is a new addiction that seems to encompass a lot of people these days. Why do we find others so captivating? Could our lives be so dull that we will spend hours watching the routines of others to see if they have something we do not? It’s a valid question as reality television seems to be the most watched television in this millennium.

The trouble with reality television is that even though it entertains the masses it affects the lives of those that take part in the process. With the recent dissolution of Jon and Kate’s marriage or the tearful sob story of Heidi being tortured on “Get me out of here I’m a celebrity” it begs to make one think about how the constant scrutiny of cameras on you and your family nonstop can cause a break down in the lives of the pseudo-celebrity everyone finds entertaining.

What a sad thing to see a family like Jon and Kate Gosselin’s fall apart and over the intense media that has infiltrated their lives and the lives of their children. People get fame hungry and want more attention and don’t think of the repercussions it will have over their relationships and families. I have watched repeats of the Jon & Kate plus 8 show to see what all the excitement was about to find that the more Kate wanted the fame the more Jon pulled away. The children have been in the limelight their entire lives and don’t know any different, they react to the cameras as if they are close family members. How will they react when that attention is gone from their lives? The thought of these eight beautiful tender children being scrutinized and made as pawns in the entertainment