Habits These Seniors Wish They’d Formed in Their 30’s

It’s never too early to start looking out for your health in any way that you can — there are plenty of results from recent medical studies to prove this. If you’re younger than the age of forty, you already have an advantage of know how to keep yourself in good shape

By knowing the little ways you can prevent things like Carpal tunnel, Arthritis and Tendonitis you are further solidifying a high quality of life when you retire.

Start Wearing a Wrist Brace

You’ve likely heard about the dangers of CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), and the most common cause of this condition — repetitive movements of the wrist. People who work at a computer every day, or those who play the piano are mostly at risk.

Unfortunately everyone is prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but you’re even more at risk if you have close family members who have it, or if you already have rheumatoid arthritis. It will get worse over time if you don’t start taking precautions early on.

Check out WristWidget (TM) for a versatile and inexpensive solution to this problem. It’s effective in treating CTS as well as and treating other wrist injuries like triangular fibrocartilage complex(TFCC) tears, triangular fibrocartilage injuries, and it’s perfect for treating ulnar sided (pink-sided) wrist pain — a real one-stop shop.

Carla P. (57)has worked as a secretary for 34 years, and she loves her job, but wishes she would have started wearing a wrist brace decades ago.

“I would pick something up, and then it would just fall right out of my hand. At first I thought it was because I’m clumsy, but after a while, I started having trouble holding a pencil, or doing my hair. I wear a wrist brace every day and it helps! I recommend getting one if you do a lot of typing all day.”

Another problem that can arise from repetitive daily motions is wrist tendonitis, but this condition can also be caused by other things, which include:

  • sudden wrist injuries
  • poorly positioned joints or bones
  • weak wrist posture
  • arthritis
  • diabetes
  • age and/or flexibility

Stretch Your Entire Body Daily

Stretching has been found in some cases to be an effective way to prevent Arthritis and other joint and tendon problems later on. It’s done to warm up muscles before a workout, but it can also help improve your range of motion when you’re older.

Greg (61)started practicing Tai Chi (a gentle and slow form of martial arts originating from China) every day, to see if it would help his overall health.

“Since I started doing Tai Chi every morning, I have more energy, and I can move around better. I’ve been doing it for about one year now. I wish I would have started doing this when I was in my 20’s!” 

It’s important to prepare yourself for getting older, by taking care of yourself in the here and now, so you can hopefully enjoy yourself later.

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