World Travel, National Geographic Book Review: Journeys of a Lifetime, Adventure, Food, River Cruise, Rail Journeys

Journeys of a Lifetime was the first release in the National Geographic series which now includes Sacred Places and Food Journeys of a Lifetime. Designed by Toucan with contributions from world explorers, this hard back coffee table book is easy to browse, beautifully researched and illustrated.

Nine themed chapters guide the readers through 500 of the world’s greatest trips from adventure and food travel to river cruises, cultural tours and road and rail journeys. A succinct fact file provides useful tips and information for every trip. Over 20 Top Ten lists cover additional highlights such as canal trips or historic walks.

World Travel, River Cruises, Road and Rail Journeys

Journeys of a Lifetime opens with travel by boat from canoes to ocean liners, from Antarctic and jungle trips to idyllic river cruises. Explore the Kerala backwaters or the Norwegian fjords, board a pirogue in Mali, a felucca on the Nile, sail on Lake Titicaca or cruise in the Eastern Caribbean, there is something for everyone.

Rail journeys include the Palace on Wheels in Rajasthan, Switzerland’s Glacier Express and a wildlife safari from Durban to Pretoria. Trolley rides and steam trains are also covered. Road trips take readers along the Pan American Highway and the French Riviera, explore the Australian Blue Mountains and the desert forts of Oman. There are cultural city drives and overland adventures across mountains and national parks.


Journeys of a Lifetime, Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is split into three sections, the largest highlighting the greenest way to go, on foot. Gentle rambles in the Italian hills are described alongside coastal walks in Ireland and treks to Everest base camp or along the Great Wall of China. There are trails underground, across stunning bridges, through remote valleys and around bustling cities.

Chapter seven leads into the action. Adrenaline seekers discover heli-hiking in Canada and caving in Puerto-Rico while gentle options look at golfing in Scotland, cycling through Dutch tulip fields or bird-watching in the Danube delta. The next section is devoted to the world’s best bird’s eye views, such as Angkor Wat by helicopter, the Nile by hot-air balloon and Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

National Geographic, Culture and Food Travel

Food travel claims over 40 pages, a real gourmet haven and an insight into many of the world’s cultures. The New York Deli Tour is followed by Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica, Thai cuisine, tapas in Barcelona, Hungarian wine trails, Bedouin feasts in Jordan and many more.

Cultural sites have their own chapter, encompassing sacred places, ancient ruins and traditions. India’s Golden Triangle is featured alongside Viking stone circles, painted monasteries in Moldavia and English gardens. The final chapter follows in the footsteps of historical figures, be it Lord Buddha, Tolstoy or Captain Cook. There’s no better way to conclude these fantastic Journeys of a Lifetime around the world.

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