Maria Menounos Book Review: “The Every Girl’s Guide to Life”

Maria Menounos’ first book “The Every Girl’s Guide to Life,” was released on April 12, 2011, via It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

From start to finish, Menounos does a stellar job writing her book. If her readers take her honest advice to heart, they are bound to see major improvements in their lives, and ultimately, become happier and healthier individuals!

Background on Menounos

Throughout her tenure in the film and television industry, Ms. Menounos has played many different roles including actress, journalist, host of Entertainment Tonight, former Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, independent movie producer, as well as West Coast special correspondent for Access Hollywood and The Today Show. It is safe to say, that now she can add “published author” to her impressive list of professional accomplishments.


About the Book

In this book, Menounos takes her readers on a journey, as she includes stories from her own personal experiences, and discusses how she tackles such issues as health, love, work, fitness, friends and family, among other topics.

Menounos reveals several of the events she has covered in her career. These include the 2010 earthquake in El Salvador and an AIDS series from South Africa. She has also interviewed such luminaries as the Clintons, former President George W. Bush, John Edwards, and was the first reporter to interview the entire Obama family.

Menounos talks about makeup, shares her workout routines and yoga stretches, and how she lost forty pounds by eating healthy; furthermore, she opens up about Keven, her partner and best friend in life.

The lists and organizers she includes in the “Appendix” section of her book are equally helpful and useful.

Menounos Stays True to Greek Roots

Particularly impressive about Menounos, is that throughout this book she always stays true to her Greek-American roots. She includes photos of her mother, whom she dubs an “amazing cook” and her other relatives from Greece.

Finally, she shares some of her favorite family recipes, most of which hail from the Greek cuisine, such as healthy stuffed chicken, lentil soup, stuffed tomatoes and artichokes, as well as salad in whole-wheat pita bread and turkey-feta wrap.

The Verdict

Although The Every Girl’s Guide to Life is geared primarily towards the female population, her male readers may also find Menounos’ tips beneficial, especially when she offers assistance on how to safeguard computers in the workplace, as well as when she talks about relationships, among other areas.

Ashley Halsey has done a brilliant job with its design, and in all the photos featured in the book, Menounos looks absolutely stunning!

In summation, Menounos is the epitome of talent, beauty and determination. She is the quintessential role model for women across the United States and abroad, and her astounding work ethnic is an inspiration to us all. Her book would make an asset to anybody’s home library or bookcase.

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