Books About Moms

Whether you are a mother, have a close personal relationship with your mother, or not, one of the following books is sure to peak your interest.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

This commonly recognized line of books contains nineteen different titles devoted to mothers. Each book contains a collection of stories on a wide array of motherly subjects submitted by the general public. Emotionally charged tales have been compiled and published about expectant mothers, mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, and one Chicken Soup for the Soul is a compilation of recipes for the busy mom.

Any one of the titles in this heart-warming collection is sure to bring a smile to the reader’s face.

Traveling with Pomegranates

Published in 2009, Travelling with Pomegranates is a memoir by mother and daughter co-authors, Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor. As 50-year old mother, Sue and 20-year old daughter, Ann travel to places of sacred significance throughout France and Greece, each writes of her own distinct journey to define herself. As each woman struggles with her own life challenges, mother and daughter come together and create a familial bond like no other.

If you are a mother or daughter with a strong relationship to your daughter or mother, this is the book for you.

Daughter’s Keeper

Ayelet Waldman shows the strength of the mother-daughter bond in her fictional novel, Daughter’s Keeper. Over the years, daughter, Olivia and mother, Elaine have grown apart: each not agreeing with the other’s chosen lifestyle. In a significant twist of the novel, Olivia finds herself pregnant and in jail with no where to turn except her mother.

For the reader who is looking for a suspenseful, yet heartwarming tale, this novel will surely do the trick.

White Oleander

The story of Astrid Magnussen, a teenage girl bounced from foster home to foster home after her biological mother’s imprisonment, showcases a number of dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships. Author, Janet Fitch, develops White Oleander‘s main character by having Astrid gain significant attributes from each woman she encounters.

While this novel is heart-wrenching at times, it lends itself to an interesting read and lesson in character development.

The Almost Moon

In her third novel, Alice Sebold, tells a gripping tale of a mother-daughter bond that leads to murder. The relationship between mother, Clair and daughter, Helen is one of co-dependence until Helen crosses a line that she can never come back from. The novel tracks Helen over the twenty-four hour period following the murder, by her own hand, of her mother.

Although it may be a difficult read for some, The Almost Moon is a powerful story of devotion and redemption.

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