New York’s Housing Works Bookstore Cafe: Book Shop is Part of Foundation Working to Combat Homelessness

Located on the cobblestone Crosby Street in SoHo, near the intersection of Prince Street, is New York’s bookstore with a cause, the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. The used bookstore is a part of the organization Housing Works, which is dedicated to helping and raising awareness about New York City’s homeless, specifically those living with HIV/AIDS.

Housing Works is Addressing the Problem of HIV and AIDS in New York

In a city where the HIV rate is significantly higher than it is nationally, there is a great need for attention to the problem. Many do not realize the extent of HIV and AIDS in New York City, and Housing Works endeavors to tackle the unfortunate fact that many New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS are also homeless and without proper health care.

Housing Works, in addition to helping provide health services for those in New York living with HIV/AIDS, has several apartment complexes reserved for their clients throughout the city. One way Housing Works funds these essential services is through the Bookstore Cafe.

Inside the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

The wood floors of the bookstore cafe are well-worn by the shoes of the many patrons who visit each day. Shelves crammed with books, CDs, VHS, and other materials line just about every wall space there is. Winding staircases lead up to the mostly nonfiction section, packed with memoirs, biographies, books on culture studies and pop culture, and even a foreign language section.

The cafe, at the back of the store, is the perfect place for patrons to go and sit with a cup of coffee while reading their books of choice. Tables are situated at locations throughout the back half of the bookstore, between the bookshelves and the book displays featuring staff recommendations, fusing cafe and bookstore rather than dividing …